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Corporate Overview

Working to enhance the Health, Fitness and Happiness of mankind

Bread was first introduced to the peoples of Japan in the 16th century. While the rest of world had enjoyed the nutritional benefit of bread for hundreds of years, only gradually did bread find its way into the Japanese diet. The introduction of bread occurred during the Meiji and Taisho eras(1868-1925).
As 1929 marked the establishment of Oriental Yeast, we have since participated and contributed to the growth and the use of pure-cultured bakers yeast. Now, bread and other baking products, represent a significant portion of our nation's daily food staples. We proudly continue with our role of providing quality raw materials for this growing industry, including such new products as sweet fillings, commonly used in the production of confectionery products. In addition, our animal feed products support various types of new material developments across several industry lines.
As an outgrowth from our fermentation and culture expertise, Oriental Yeast now commands a leading role in the supply of critical Biochemicals such as enzymes and coenzymes for diagnostic, and nutritional use.
Finally, Oriental Yeast will continue its investments for Research and Development of new materials, its expansion for overseas ventures, and its commitment to improve the health, fitness and happiness of mankind.

Trade name Oriental Yeast Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters 3-6-10 Azusawa,Itabashi-ku,Tokyo 174-8505 JAPAN
Establishment June,1929
Capital Stock ¥2.6Billion
Business Manufacture and sales of yeast, raw material for the manufacture of bread, confectionery, noodles, various feeds, biochemistry, and toxicity studies on medicines, foods, etc.; sales of laboratory animals.
Branch Laboratory:2,Plant:6,Sales Dep.9
Employees 604 (Mar.2015)