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Message from President

Continually taking on new challenges while aiming to be a company built on technology, with yeast as our starting point.

President Masashi Nakagawa

President Masashi Nakagawa

Oriental Yeast was founded in 1929 as Japan's first Bakers’ yeast manufacturer. Since that time we have expanded from providing a variety of food products, starting with yeast, into the animal feed and then biotechnology businesses.

The starting point for our food products business is to think in terms of bread, and through this business segment we offer yeast, flour paste (cream fillings for bakery products), mayonnaise and other food ingredients for the bread baking and confectionery industries. We endeavor to play a role in further energizing the bread market by gathering and analyzing information about bread globally and using this to develop new products for bakeries and presenting bread products tailored to the current food scene.

In the bioindustry business, we supply the market with useful compounds derived from yeast and useful proteins produced by using biotechnology in the form of diagnostic agent raw materials and research reagents. Additionally, along with supplying yeast extracts and other culture substrates, breeding genetically modified animals, and developing contract service businesses in medical/food safety and pharmacological and therapeutic testing, we are involved in areas such as feed for laboratory animals, pet food and fishing bait.

In order to become a truly global company, we are forming alliances with, and bringing in technology from, foreign companies, establishing foreign subsidiaries, and researching and analyzing developments overseas in a constant effort to strengthen our overseas ties.

At a time when people are shifting their focus from the material to the intangible, at Oriental Yeast our mission is to meet the demands of the age, which involve building a healthier lifestyle. Yeast holds unlimited possibilities, and with this as the starting point for our activities, we will tackle the challenge of developing new products that help people live longer and healthier lives. As a company built on technology we will strive to contribute more to society than ever before.